Delicious Bundles Bar – a Chrome Extension

Back when Firefox was my primary browser (before switching to Safari and Chrome), I loved the Tag Bundles View of the the Firefox Delicious extension.

Well, I’ve finally published a Chrome Extension that I have been playing with, which reproduces some of that functionality. The Delicious Bundles Bar extension for Chrome will synchronize your bundles as folders in the Chrome Bookmarks Bar.

The Delicious Bundles Bar is based on the version of the Delibookmarks Chrome Extension (a.k.a. Chromicious), which synchronizes your Delicious bookmarks with Google Chrome and keeps them in sync for easy access.

You can get the Delicious Bundles Bar extension for free in the Chrome Web Store or find the source on GitHub.

Update: I believe this is now fixed for Windows users!


  1. Hi there,

    Is this extension still working? It doesn’t do anything, just installed it. It’s the one thing I’m missing from ff, so it would be nice to get it working. You still working on it?

    • Thanks for the reply. I’ve taken it down temporarily and will look into it. I had noticed some problems across different machines and will need to take a closer look.

      Hopefully I will have it working soon!


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